A months ago, I got insight from my leads in weekly sharing session team. I want to share with you and I wish you can enjoy and also you get insight too.

This is about how you implement a principles, especially when you are in work or in a business or maybe in your life. Let me explain one by one:

In fact, there is one thing to speed up your learning which is to admit that there are many mistakes you have made, there are many things that you do not know, and consciously seek knowledge of those mistakes.

To exploratory testing especially in platform apps you should test in two platform Android and iOS. Not only when doing testing, may be you going to present something in a meeting, and the content is in a mobile app or mobile screen.

So I did search some tips how to connect and mirror your smartphone screen in mac. There is some tips you can use:

May be you are confused what the meaning of yes-man and no-man. But I’d be happy if you don’t understand.

I’ve ever read article in womantalk, Yes-man is a type of person who always say “Yes” what the people want. In other word, they are very hard or can’t even say NO at all, even though they may actually be saying that they don’t want to. Very different with No-man, they are tend to be stubborn in accepting orders that come to him. No-man types are difficult or will not say YES at all. Which type are you?

So, what…

Hello, back again in my midnight note. This is my second article that I will share for you guys. But in this article, I will fully english. Why? Because I want to take outside reader :p

As a test engineer (TE) you will familiar with Gherkin Scenarios. Before start, I want to ask with you. If you knew about Gherkin Scenarios and you must familiar with Cucumber. So, have you ever seen the scenario that you made? Are you happy with that? Come on, be honest!

I’ve worked with hundreds of teams using Cucumber, and a lot of them struggle…

“Finally, I accepted that we were doing work from home for the long-term and still productive”

Suatu hal yang tak terduga menghampiri dunia. Yes, COVID19! Virus baru yang mengubah 180 derajat aktifitas manusia di dunia. Dimana orang-orang harus menjaga jarak, stay home, wearing masks untuk tetap aman agar terhindar dari virus ini. Aktivitas bekerja maupun belajar beralih dari tatapmuka menjadi online.

Yes, sejak covid perusahaan tempat saya bekerja memutuskan untuk work from home for all employee. Sure, agar karyawannya tetap aman dengan #dirumah aja. Dan saya sudah mulai working from home dari awal case covid ada sampai sekarang. …

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